Pro-Kay custom manufacturing

Pro-Kay is a building products industry leader in:

  • Manufacturing venting building products.
  • Building custom size high end window shutters
  • Milling wood, PVC, and composite materials
  • Fabricating specialty door products (i.e. louvered inserts, pet doors, custom size sidelites, bantam doors)

Custom manufacturing at Pro-Kay is setup to allow our clients to invest in smaller quantity orders. The typical custom order at Pro-Kay is 50-500 products. This allows our clients to manage inventories levels, amortize costs, and trial run new products to introduce to the market.

Considering all of the niche building products available in the building products industry, the smaller manufacturing runs provided by Pro-Kay affords clients the opportunities to expand their offerings while mitigating risks and adapting quickly to the changing tastes and needs of the market.

While we do offer prototype fabrication associated with a custom manufacturing job, we do not manufacture less than 25 products per order.

if you can dream it, we can manufacture it.