Pro-Kay Specialty Building Products

Building products that create functionally distinctive and secure homes.

Pro-Kay Specialty Building Products proudly manufactures a full line of sidelites for doorways, louver inserts for doors, custom bantam doors for all size openings, decorative window shutters, and secure pet doors that even passed Florida’s high velocity hurricane zone codes. Pro-Kay’s product lines are available through quality distributors and resellers across the southeast.

Needs specific features, sizes, looks or functions? Pro-Kay can custom engineer and craft them.

Pro-Kay Specialty Building Products offers quality lines of standard shutters, doors, sidelites, venting panels and inserts, bantam doors and pet doors. We also have the capacity to customize qualifying orders that builders require for certain home models and residential developments. Custom work has been in our DNA for decades and we excel at meeting customer specifications and expectations.

quality products that stand the test of time

quality CraftsmEn that stand behind their work