PVC Louver Door Inserts

Pro-Kay’s louver inserts bring ventilation without sacrificing privacy. Using a custom designed extruded PVC louver blade, Pro-Kay’s louver allows for maximum ventilation while using a classic style. Designed with a simple 2-piece inner and outer frame set, Pro-Kay’s louver is made to install similarly to door glass insert. All inserts come standard with a built-in fiberglass insect screen and come packaged with installation screws and screw hole plugs.

Louver Blades

  • Extruded PVC
  • One directional for rapid ventilation
  • Blades overlap for privacy


  • PVC construction
  • Flush profile


  • Fiberglass insect screen
  • Screw hole cover plugs

Fiberglass Insect Screen & Screw Hole Plugs



Vent sizes for flush and panel doors

Standard vent sizes for flush doors

Available in custom sizes and for interior 1 3/8” doors.
Louvered door inserts are designed to cutout and install like a doorlite for flush and paneled doors.
Cutout size determined is 1” larger than the insert size