Bantam Doors

Pro-Kay’s Bantam Doors provide access to storage and utility spaces while helping to maintain climate-controlled temperatures.

Since 2017, Pro-Kay has worked to provide the best access door on the market. Attics and utility rooms are typically outside of the central air-conditioned space of a home. These spaces are typically divided from the climate-controlled space by insulated walls but are accessed by smaller-than-normal (bantam) doors.

Most bantam doors on the market are either un-insulated interior doors or medium density fiberboard, and the best doors out there use thin particle board or wood skins with polystyrene insulation. None of them meet the mark. Using exterior grade door materials and insulation, Pro-Kay makes prehung doors that are perfect for accessing HVAC units, water heaters, attic spaces, and other utility spaces while increasing not decreasing thermal efficiency.


Outside frame to outside frame dimensions

20 x 32”
22 x 32”
24 x 32”
20 x 36”
22 x 36”
24 x 36”
20 x 42”
22 x 42”
24 x 42”
20 x 48”
22 x 48”
24 x 48”

Custom Sizes Available
1/0 – 3/6 width x 2/0 – 6/6 height


  • All pre-hung units come standard with a fully weather-stripped rabbeted 4 sided jambs
  • Available in 4 9/16” and 6 9/16” primed wood or composite jambs



  • Bantam doors come prepped for standard cylindrical locks with a 2 1/8” bore and a 2 3/8” back set in the center of door
  • Dead bolt prep is optional
  • For doors over 5’ lock prep 36” from door bottom
  • Doors over 5’ tall receive 3 hinges. Doors under 5’ tall receive 2 hinges.
  • Hinge Finish Options: dull brass, satin nickle, oil rubbed bronze, black, stainless steel.


ProKay’s Bantam Door

  • 1 3/4” wide
  • exterior grade
  • high-density polyurethane foam
  • fiberglass skins

Competition’s Bantam Door

  • 1 3/8” wide
  • interior grade
  • low-density polystyrene foam
  • particle board skins